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and no prepubescent teens are around to see it, does anyone care?

castle crashers art

2009-11-25 01:28:36 by insanityxiii

check my arts on mah profile

new art

2009-11-03 22:02:08 by insanityxiii

look at my profile, let me know what you think

It would be awesome and I would be grateful. :D

And if anyone can rate it for me would be great kthnx

I would appreciate it....... sad face

I need a new laptop

2009-10-26 01:00:24 by insanityxiii

NOA i can't stand using antiquated software on this blasted computer


2009-10-25 14:48:40 by insanityxiii

homework sucks more than a hoover vacuum

No one will read this

2009-10-20 20:32:21 by insanityxiii

and if you do your a freak