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Just one month

2010-08-13 02:48:33 by insanityxiii

Until halo reach is in mah xbox

a couple of paintings

2010-01-06 21:10:33 by insanityxiii

go check them

oh hai new art

2010-01-03 00:48:13 by insanityxiii

it's alien riffic


I drew a squid

2009-12-29 20:19:32 by insanityxiii

you should check it out

New art, again!

2009-12-28 01:24:14 by insanityxiii

It's past the deadly lake, through the icy planes, across the smogy plains, deep within the art portal.

I'm an idiot

2009-12-27 17:07:07 by insanityxiii


My brand frickin new studio xps 16 laptop

new art

2009-12-24 00:53:53 by insanityxiii

check check check the portal

Mass effect 2

2009-12-06 18:55:07 by insanityxiii

looks amazing, want so bad